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Include repository information on commit hovercards
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See PHI1508. Currently, commit hovercards are fairly bare-bones: notably, they do not include information about the repository that contains the commit.

They should have the repository information at a bare minimum.

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epriestley created this task.

Here's the current hovercard:

For this object:


Offhand, I'd like to:

  • Include the repository the commit belongs to.
  • Maybe right-align the field labels.
  • Maybe include more summary text.
  • Where the committer differs, show the committer.
  • If we don't already, render repository identities here (T12164).
  • Maybe change the title to make it more clear that this is a commit?
  • Maybe include a local identifier (short commit hash) for more convenient copy/pasting?
  • Show audit status?
  • Show build status?

I may not make it terribly far through this list.

Show audit status?

This actually is already shown, but hidden when the status is "No Audit". I don't love that and generally prefer not to hide information in a modal way, but can also see the argument for not putting a bunch of empty "no builds", "no lint", "no coverage", "no audits" stuff on the card.