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Browser "Find..." feature isn't very useful in Safari on Workboards
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  • You're viewing a workboard with a bunch of cards.
  • You want to find cards with "zebra" in the title or whatever.

Expected behavior:

  • You use +F to search for "zebra" on the page.
  • It finds the cards.

Actual behavior:

  • In Safari, workboard columns don't scroll in response to +F / +G, so you can't easily find cards which aren't currently visible.
  • Chrome does a better job of this and scrolls the columns more usefully, although it can still be hard to scan through the results since they won't all appear in the view.


  • Use the filter column to "Query: zebra" to filter the board.

We should perhaps add a client-side filter on top of the board-level filter, let you type F or similar to focus it, the filter cards. Not sure how useful this would really be (and it's somewhat involved to implement) but it feels bad that +F pretty much doesn't work.

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