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Notifications menu has a couple of minor rendering issues
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When Aphlict isn't enabled, the little "" icon renders under the text here:

Screen Shot 2018-04-19 at 10.20.47 AM.png (68×403 px, 7 KB)

Unread notifications also currently show a grey dot but this feels inconsistent to me since they're colored with a blue wash and we use grey to indicate "disabled" in other interfaces.

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epriestley created this task.

The "Notification server not enabled" text should also link to the Aphlict documentation or something.

D19384 cleans this up a little bit and mostly fixes the "phantom unread notification" issue in T8953.

The way this menu is built is still a little bit funky. In particular:

  • Because of how the query works, we fetch the first 10 results, then filter them. If some of them are filtered, you get fewer than 10 results.
  • It would maybe be nice to always put unread notifications on top.
  • The "purge phantoms" code in D19384 may need to do a lot of work if you have thousands of unread notifications.

A cleaner approach here would likely be:

  • Query first, then filter later, like a normal policy query does.
  • Order by hasViewed first, then chronologicalKey.
  • Let the caller retrieve the selected-but-discarded rows from the query and purge them more narrowly, or purge them during filtering.

This would give us better behavior overall: it would always show 10 results, would make the purge cost proportional to the number of items which need to be purged, and would show unread notifications first (which is probably a more useful behavior than showing notifications chronologically). A downside is that it would put this query at risk of overheating, although that shouldn't be too difficult to handle.