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Support numeric fields in Herald
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Today, Herald does not support any numeric fields. The primary reason for this is that the constraints you might conceivably want to apply to a numeric field are potentially very complex (less than, greater than, in range, any of distinct values, etc), and the use cases for numeric fields are generally weak. It's unclear what constraints we should support, and none of the current use cases are strong motivators for resolving this.

Here are some of the existing use cases:

  • (T8303) A "filesize" field for commits to allow blocking large files (but: a commit would have a list of file sizes).
  • (PHI32) A field for selecting a random portion of changes, perhaps [ Object ID ][ when divided by 100 has a remainder less than ][ 5 ].
  • A "points" field in Maniphest (but what is this useful for?). See also T10339 for the points search UI.