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Support issues don't have hovercards
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Mousing over a reference to a support issue doesn't generate hovercards the way that tasks/revisions/etc do. Is this because support issues don't live on Did we hardcode the URL generation to point to to make the links work?

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Yeah, this is hard coded here:

...with a similar hard code on the other side for Txxx and Dxxx on admin.

We do technically support hovercards for remote objects, but they have to be pulled in through a system called Doorkeeper to work. This is way more complicated than the hardcode was so I didn't bother for the initial release. It would be nice to link these with Doorkeeper eventually, but we'd need:

  • OAuth to (this can be configured today).
  • Conduit access via OAuth (T7303).
  • An API exposed from the Support application.

The reason we need all this stuff is that if you hover over PHI123 on secure, we can't show you PHI123: Issue with merging tickets after we acquired Well Known Company X secretly unless you can also see PHI123 on admin. If we let anyone here see the title of PHI123, all issue titles effectively become public, and anyone can see that Company X has been acquired and go execute lots of insider trades or whatever.

Doorkeeper provides all the infrastructure for this and we do it for Asana tasks, JIRA issues, and GitHub issues in some cases, but it requires API access and then a bunch of code like this:

A separate issue is that issues on admin have pretty junk hovercards without much information:

Screen Shot 2017-09-14 at 10.45.22 AM.png (148×438 px, 17 KB)

This is easy to fix by writing something like this, but hasn't felt like a major issue to me so far: