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Update Bug Report docs
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Not clear still what the long term plan is for non-customers -- I think Phacility then Nuance? -- but for today where to redirect people. There is a "bug" category in Discourse as a catchall if we prefer that over Phacility.

At least one user asked this question already.

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Let's just do Discourse for now? I don't plan to get anything up on admin for at least a while.

That is, the flow would be one of these:

  • Paid Support > Customer files Issue > Support staff confirms it and files anonymized Maniphest Task with specifics, as I already do > Fix
  • Discourse > Free user reports bug > Community member confirms it and files a Maniphest Task which actually follows the old rules and includes reproduction instructions and version information so we can actually fix it > Fix

I had assumed the forms here would still be open for Community, at least bug reporting or us.

OK I made a basic bug form for Discourse. Will update docs later today.

Community and us can both use the normal task form to report bugs -- the "bug report" form just had extra instructions.