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Diffusion claims that remote repos' clone URIs are disabled
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Remote/observed repos have a URI that Diffusion observes, and they can also have URI(s) for Phabricator users to use to clone the repo. In Diffusion, in a remote repo's Manage RepositoryURIs settings, clicking a clone URI leads to a details page with a purple Disabled box, even if that clone URI actually works.

Version: the version available on

Reproduction steps: see, for example,, and then (successfully) git clone the URI specified on that page. However, "Enable URI" is disabled because You can not manually disable builtin URIs. To hide a builtin URI, configure its "Display" behavior instead. (Well, that's what I get on my own install. On, I get a different error because I'm not an admin.)

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This should now be fixed in HEAD of master and promote to stable later today (within about 12 hours). This change hasn't been deployed to yet but will be deployed no later that tomorrow morning (about 24 hours from now), at which point the example link you provided should start working.

D18176 has some details. I believe this was only a display issue and only affected this interface.

Thanks for the report!