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phd stop --force can’t find any daemons to kill on Solaris
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On Solaris 11, I find that running, phd stop no-longer stops anything, but instead states the following:

There are no running Phabricator daemons.

I see that function PhutilDaemonOverseer::findRunningDaemons() calls ps -o pid,command -a -x -w -w -w, but this doesn’t work on Solaris. The formulation required is ps -o pid,args -e. Changing this gets me the following much more helpful output:

There are processes running that look like Phabricator daemons but have no corresponding PID files:

29140 php ./phd-daemon

Stop these processes by re-running this command with the --force parameter.

Now, I imagine that something’s going wrong here with the PID files and that --force shouldn’t be required in the first place, but I guess that’s a separate bug.

Version Information

    5885704800a97aadf47aee5654ff2647b40fb4ad (Fri, Jun 9) (branched from 3400f24c8b53a742b6dd39a9c244f45c51db85ac on origin) 
    0c53a35d30e924f902510eb2e497ae5934209304 (Fri, Jun 9) 
    612619d0040b5e13c4e068dce443217abbc10a00 (Fri, Jun 9) (branched from 74a1350416eb2df825c2315d6519bee03f77bee9 on origin) 
    944307decd9cc48678c9a80b2b60a8d434d6001f (Jun 16 2015)

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