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Add support for transactions update scheduling
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Okay, here's the problem I have.

I need to provide input which is either:

  • create a new task
  • post a comment on a task
  • change task status, add tags, remove tags
  • update wiki page
  • update projects
  • etc.

on some objects which have 10+ subscribers.

The trouble is the fact that I'm spamming a lot and interrupting precious developers concentration on these, sometimes not so important things for them at that point in time but important for me to do my work and prepare future iterations, plans etc.


  • I don't want to break their current concentration on work being done now
  • But I need to do my work

Currently, I prepare these updates and phab saves them to session, save the link on my google inbox and snooze it for some time which is convenient to post those updates ie outside of the productive hours.

As you know, productivity and focus is fragile so that's why I resort to these methods and any help from you guys to provide native features of controlling either notifications, or drafting changes, alarms, triggers, whatever you come up with, would help me do my job and not break productivity.

Event Timeline

I think its fine to let people manage how they get notifications in Phabricator, however giving every user the power to override every other users notification preferences would make Phabricator significantly unpredictable, which isn't acceptable to me in an enterprise setting. I'd suggest these users affected by focus issues use any of the hundreds of applications already available (including the task I merged this into, which will give even more control).

Thanks for the feedback, those are useful references.

The thing is, that usually, these comments spark interest and can ignite discussions on those, currently, not so important tasks and people lose focus and productivity on current work. Doing these things outside productive hours has proven to be good for me and my team as they get notified but are too tired to discuss :D and tomorrow they get back on their priorities and we discuss further priorities on consequent prioritisation meetings.

But I do understand that this is a soft-skill problem, not easily solvable by writing more software. :)