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Getting error "Undefined index: Repository UUID" while doing arc diff --preview command, although diff is generated ok
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I am facing with this error when making arc diff --preview command :

ERROR 8: Undefined index: Repository UUID at [...]
SKIP STAGING Unable to determine repository for this change.

Possible similar issues:
It seems is similar to this task: T10460, but I cannot make the error disappear.

Reproduction Steps:
I want to avoid the file .arcconfig, so I am setting the properties directly this way:

arc set-config default <URI>

cat ~/.arcrc

  "config": {
    "default": "<URI>"
  "hosts": {
    "http:<URI>/api": {
      "token": "<token>"

It seems I do not include the callsign of a repository. I tried to set properties like these ones without success:

arc set-config repository.callsign <REPO CALLSIGN PREVIOUSLY DEFINED>


arc set-config callsign <REPO CALLSIGN PREVIOUSLY DEFINED>

The question if there is a way to do this and have this configuration in ~/.arcrc file

arcanist 20ad47f2733135603d57b57be3e13422397e8071 (Fri, May 5)
phutil d02cc05931b02c684d4c729510090591ca45f951 (Sat, Apr 29)

Thanks in advance.

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cxzzero updated the task description. (Show Details)

You can user arc set-config --local to set a configuration value in a file that is in the repository but is not committed.

As to Repository UUID, that probably shouldn't throw an exception (Most repositories are not expected to have a UUID).

Thanks for your reply.

When you say arc set-config --local , when does the configuration for this get written to?

I tried to do something like this: arc set-config --local repository.callsign <CALLSIGN>, but I cannot see where is the information stored. Is it an environmental variable involved?

It saves it to a directory called arc in your repository meta-directory. If you're using git, it would be in .git/arc/.

Excellent! Thanks @avivey.
This ticket could be closed.

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