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Dialog box closes with ESC key even when there's unsaved change
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I'm not sure it can be categorized as a bug, but it's one of those things that make people angry :)

The most concrete example is:

  • Go to a Project's Workboard
  • Create a new Task from the column drop down menu
  • Edit your task with a lot of useful information
  • Press ESC on the keyboard
  • Bye bye all your information

Expected result: An other dialog asking if you really want to close the window and loose your changes. It should probably behave differently than the Cancel button.


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Is this something you actually encountered and lost data?

Yes, here's the testimony of one of our user,

I was filing a bug report for a project. I opened the task from the project workboard, using the dropdown menu beside "bugs". While typing the bug report, I hit the escape key while trying to quote a some text, which appears to close the task, losing all input information.

It would be nice if this was not lost inadvertently based on a single keystroke.

FWIW this behavior has also caused data loss on our team more than once. I'll usually trigger it when I'm going to insert a backtick somewhere in the task description to block off pseudocode and I fat-finger Esc instead.