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Changing start date on event didn't clear my away status
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See E1486. I set the wrong start date and corrected it, but my status still seems tied to the task. Caching?

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E1486: Italy

Event Timeline

I think we're too conservative about invalidating this cache. To reproduce:

  • Create an event from some time in the past to some time in the future.
  • Move the start date forward to at least 24+ hours past the current time.
  • Only caches with a TTL ahead of getStartDateTimeEpochForCache() get invalidated, but the start time epoch is now further in the future than the old cache.

We could invalidate ahead of the minimum of the old epoch and the new epoch, but I think it's probably simpler to invalidate unconditionally.

I cancelled and reinstated E1486 to force a cache clear with the new code, which seems to have resolved this in production.