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Project descriptions remarkup is not parsed in query object selection
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We have a project with a description containing a link to a Phriction page.
When clicking on the button on the right of a query's "Tags" field (for example in a Maniphest query), I get a list of projects with their descriptions, but the description contains the remarkup code instead of the link (see image below). I'm not sure if it should contain the link, but I think it shouldn't contain the remarkup link tag.

Spectacle.w30511.png (58×628 px, 5 KB)

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This is working as intended. We only have two choices for target rendering, full remarkup or text.

OK. But isn't it weird from an end-user POV to have unparsed remarkup there?
If it's a choice, you can close this issue! Thank you for your quick answer.

There is a task to create another target rendering engine, but I'm not able to locate it at the moment.