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Assignees of tasks don't count as subscribers in maniphest search
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Root issue summary: if a task happens to be assigned to a specific person, it's hard to find if you instead search for that person as a subscriber

Version: Head on phacility

Reproduction steps:

  1. New instance with two users X and Y
  2. As X, create a task assigned to Y
  3. Go to maniphest advanced search
  4. Add Y to the Subscribers filter and search

Result: no tasks
Expected: the task

In general, it seems assignees of tasks count as subscribed. Examples

  • They get notifications as if they were subscribed
  • Commenting on the task doesn't create an additional subscribe transaction
  • Reassigning the task explicitly adds the previous assignee as a subscriber

In our real world example, this manifested in not being able to find a long-running task with a lot of interaction from the assignee when I l searched by subscribers (I didn't realize it was actually assigned to them).

Please let me know if there is any more info that would help or if the root issue is not expressed well.

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sshannin created this task.Apr 20 2017, 1:12 AM
epriestley closed this task as Invalid.Aug 15 2017, 5:32 PM
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This isn't a bug; they aren't subscribers, and aren't listed in "Subscribers" in the right-hand column or in "Subscribers" in "Edit Task".

I'm possibly open to feature request versions of this ("Allow filtering objects by a user who is related to them in any role") but the implementation would be involved so it probably needs significant support mana behind it.