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Support for multiple "Move on Workboard" actions in single Maniphest update
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I wondered whether this should be bug or feature, but since it's more of "ease of use" rather than any failure, then Feature Request it is.

We use workboards and tag maniphest tasks with multiple projects plus team members utilise private projects to have personal workboards kanban-style.

When working on a task and using "move on workboard" action one can only do one move action. For example, when I work on a task that's in the backlog of 3 projects I usually have to:

  • move it to board "working" of my project
  • move it to board "Current" on project 1
  • move it to board "tracking" on project 2

This requires 3 separate "move on workboard" actions and 3 separate "setting sails for adventure."

When dealing with tasks I frequently add comments requiring input and moving them back and forward a bit between "working", "backburner" and "waiting for feedback" boards. In doing so I can in one adventure add a comment, change priority etc.

After dealing with task and closing it, I need to

  • move it to "done" of my project (done usually with closing action and comment)
  • move it do "Closed" on project 1
  • move it to "done" on project 2

Again 3 separate adventures.

I'd love to be able to do 2+ moves with single "setting sails for adventure" and it would certainly improve my workflow.

I've looked around and existing bugs/FRs do not cover or are far too reaching to be applicable here: