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Issue while creating GIT repository from existing GIT repository
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I set-up Phabaricator on Linux RHEL 7.
I am trying to configure the GIT repository in Diffusion by following the steps as mentioned in documentation.
I changed the URI's to point to existing GIT repository.
However I am getting following error message on the hosted repository in my phabricator instance:

"Command failed with error #128! COMMAND git log --skip=0 -n 15 --pretty=format:'%H:%P' 'b5006d5bc2a2a27f3f53545f4f08f4e6be462bce' -- STDOUT (empty) STDERR fatal: Not a git repository (or any of the parent {F4909987}directories): .git".
Attached file contains the screen shot of the error message.

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I followed steps mentioned in T9213 and it resolved my issue.
Kindly close this issue.