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Cannot add invitees to all future instances of a recurring event
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It's impossible to add new invitees to all future instances of an existing recurring event. The bug is reproducible on this install.

  1. Go to an existing recurring event.
  2. Click Edit EventEdit This And All Later Events
  3. Invitees field is not present
  4. Go to Edit EventEdit Only This Event
  5. Invitees field is present, but will only add invitees to the current instance.

Event Timeline

@ivo Just a reminder this is a real install, please do not create test events on it. You can use a free instance on if you want a clean, up to date install to test against.

Sorry, I should have thought about that!

Well now I have 4 notifications I can't see or reset. :(

Can you unhide the event please so I can fix my notifications?

Crazy, I guess I'm in some project called ? ?

Anyways, my notifications are fixed now and I've asked @epriestley to nuke that project.

@epriestley what do you think of creating another column in the calendar_eventinvitee table, something like a bool futureStatus so that when we get a list of invitees back, we can check for that flag. I think this would mean a lot of date comparisons (seems inefficient), and I'm not quite sure when to populate event stubs. For example, if the futureStatus flag is set to true for instance 10, and there are stubs for instances 15 and 20, when would 15 and 20 get converted to have the updated status?