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Can't send confirmation email if two mails are available
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See attached screenshot: There are two mails listed, and the instance says I need to confirm my primary one, but I can't send another confirmation email myself.

Version: Happened at

email problem.PNG (290×1 px, 22 KB)

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The address is verified but the verified flag on your account is not set.

I'm not sure how you got into this state. Since your account is fairly old, it's possible you hit some bug in the past that we've since fixed.

I made a brief attempt to guess how this might have happened, but didn't have any luck finding a code pathway which would let you get into this state.

For now, I just manually synchronized the account flag. We can keep an eye on this and see if any other users hit it, and maybe that will give us more clues about where the bug is if there's still an issue.

T12635 had another similar report, and I believe I tracked down and fixed the root cause there.