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Should be able to untnrack PR refs (refs/pull/*) for observed Github repos
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I work at a company with a monorepo. We host our repo on github.

We used to use the github PR workflow for code review. Most of us switched to using Differential many months ago. We have a hardware/firmware team that still prefers to uses Github for some reason ( I really don't know why )

In the interest of reducing noise, creating a useful recent commits dashboard panel, I earlier today switched our diffusion repo to only track master.

This notwithstanding I am seeing several non-master commits coming up in the panel (and as the most recent commit in the diffusion repos view) with unhelpful messages like Merge d1afa511fd6f59352f9852cd73eabd31f5604891 into 7b18851b4506e0ec445e379307a144dacbb6f48d

These are empty merge commits with an info panel reading

redacted_commit_info.png (370×1 px, 43 KB)

These seem to be some internal thing github does... at random?, as these commits indeed appear to be on no branch of our repo on github and the pr in question is closed and not even recently (Closed Feb 13).

I cannot, to my knowledge, untrack these commits as there is no way to filter on non heads/ refs that I'm aware of.

I appreciate that you are not generally in the business of encouraging people to use differential alongside PRs but given that this appears to be happening on months old PRs, it could just as well happen to people who switched CR fully but keep code on github


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In fact this is totally undermining the utility of my attempt at a recent commits dashboard... the panel's window is now entirely filled with such commits from the last minute

To go at my problem from a different angle: I would also happily settle for the ability to do and save a search of commits on a specific branch. (although my goal was to include commits on master from this repo and commits from other repos cause while we have a product monorepo we have other repos for tools, experiments, etc)

These commits are considered reachable, so I can't exclude them that way

donaldguy renamed this task from Should be able to hide PR refs for observed Github repos to Should be able to untnrack PR refs (refs/pull/*) for observed Github repos.Mar 28 2017, 7:29 PM