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Set cursor default focus to input field when selecting "Other Project" from access policy dropdown
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When selecting the option Other Project from an access policy dropdown, the default focus should be set to the input field.

As there is no other input field available when the Select Project dialog is shown, this should be an easy choice, as it also improves the efficiency of the UI by reducing the number of required clicks/<TAB> presses.

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We'll take a patch if you like, but if you're filing a feature request, you still need to follow Contributing Feature Requests and Describing Root Problems.

Specifically, I've never used this workflow. So I don't see any obvious benefit to spending upstream time on it, and the task will sit here until others maybe chime in and we can get a sense of it's impact. This seems like an obvious request, but maybe tools like Nuance (help desk) make the workflow you use today, obsolete, so then we'd also not worry about implementing this at all.

This is also nontrivial: when we display a dialog, we already attempt to focus the first input. But the first input here is a tokenizer, not a real input, and naively focusing it fails because it hasn't activated or rendered yet.

It is possible that JX.Tokenizer could be modified to auto-focus the synthetic input it creates after activation if the document placeholder input was previously focused. If you want to implement and test this patch across all browsers I'm happy to review it, but I suspect the cost to make this change is something like 100x larger than the total befit it would provide forever across all users on all installs.

(I think I've used this workflow fewer than 5 times outside of testing, and although similar workflows like "Award Badge" and "Add Project Members" have the same issue, I think they're similarly rare.)

Yeah any typeahead dialog now that I think about it.

Ok, then feel free to dismiss this one… I didn't expect those kind of complexities behind this :)