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`Create Form` always leads to page creating forms for configuring forms
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  1. Create an instance on Phacility.
  2. As per documentation, do the following:
    1. Navigate FavoritesCreate Task.
    2. Click View Form Configurations. Observe the only form to create tasks. Notice that the navbar telling us the location we expected to be on.
    3. Click Create Form.
  3. Fill the form. Click Create New Form.

Note that, while on /transactions/editengine/maniphest.task/, Create Form already links to /transactions/editengine/transactions.editengine.config/edit/form/default/, and not to /transactions/editengine/maniphest.task/edit/form/default/.

Reproducible on stable, reproduced on Phacility on 5:05 PM GMT+2.
phabricator 3e10f69570c0eb007f85917e16a249ea70d2dda8
arcanist a232e95a18f310748d51fad91b9c5d3144dd92b8
phutil d0ebdaf3ab7077b1c0fc90347ccbcff4ea42396e

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This isn't a bug, but is confusing.

Yep. How do I create the form I need then?

Also, note that in this install, Create Form links to /transactions/editengine/maniphest.task/edit/nocreate/, not to /transactions/editengine/transactions.editengine.config/edit/nocreate/. So, to the correct place, but "forbidden" one.
And there is simply no any other button to push.

I think this is probbbbbbbably an actual bug unless I'm totally out of it -- possibly my fault from D17372.

Yeah I was planning on bisecting, but sounds like you're claiming this?

Yeah I'll take it, pretty sure it's my fault.