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Passphrase Conduit API does not specify secret for Note credential type
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The material array in the response is empty, see similar for token (T11867)

  • Create a Note credential in Passphrase (say you created K1)
  • Allow conduit access for this credential
  • Go to Conduit and choose the passphrase.query method
  • Set ids to [1] and needSecrets to 1
  • Click on Call method

Version information

e0cd3062d5abce25bf40754f7eac588011abffaf (Wed, Feb 15)


bc9b70508edf224a15a3bdb45998f7fd75847765 (Wed, Feb 15)


d37145bd144e255591083cb851102f17f6c30663 (Tue, Feb 14)

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pouyana created this task.Feb 17 2017, 2:13 PM

What is your use case for API access to notes?

SSL Certificate, key and Ca files. Of course they can be saved as SSH keys but I don't want to mix them together.