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Allow dashboard panels to be "hidden" when considered "empty"
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On my install we really enjoy using the home screen dashboard and hare many useful query panels setup. We have run into the slight annoyance where, frequently, some of these query panels are empty for a given user (audits, reviews, etc). These empty panels take up space (sometimes a lot like the audits/review panels) which push important information from other panels down and require scrolling.

It would be nice if these empty panels would automatically hide (or maybe collapse?) when they don't have any information allowing the other panels to feature more prominently. Other alternatives could be to move them to the bottom of the column? Not sure what's best here.

The main issue I would like to solve is that we consider audits very important and a user should look at them first so I want this panel at the top, but this panel is almost always empty for most users most of the time but takes up half the screen. The reviews panel is the next most important and it almost always has content for a user.