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When I edit a task I cannot see some fields I had there when I created the task
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This problem happens because I have created two forms with different field visibility.

When I edit the task, it gets the order specified in the "Reorder Edit Forms" (as said there).

pasted_file (154×636 px, 13 KB)

That is my problem, I have permissions to see both forms because I can create/edit both, so what can I do???

Is it possible to associate a task with the form used to create that task in order to always use that form to edit it?

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Unfortunately we don't take support questions as feature requests. See Support Resources for more information.

Humm I'm sorry but it's not a support question. I think It's a feature request o even a bug...

I think I described clearly the problem: I create a task using a form and then it edits with another!!! Isn't that a real problem??? Really???

As I said before I think that the tasks should be associated with a form. If not, the information shown when editing a task is not correct. It seems you have not associated those two things and I cannot undestand why... If I can ask, is it a design decision?

How do you suggest we handle reports/feature requests that have not been properly filed per our guidelines. Currently you've opened 4, and likely all 4 have not met our guidelines. Our guidelines are based on what it costs us (2 developers, unpaid) to give a basic level of free support to anyone. Without some base guideline, we become overwhelmed with support and are unable to move the project forward.

I'm glad you've recently found and use our product, but please try to be more respectful of how we wish to work based on our experience. We do plan on having a paid support product that will let you freely file whatever request you want, maybe that is more what you are expecting currently.

Asking questions to the community first frees the developers up to fix bugs and make new features.

Sorry, I never tried to bother you.

It's only that I cannot understand your guidelines. Believe me, I tried. I thought I was following them, but it's clear that not. Probably it's me, but I see real (root like you say) problems in all of them and I tried to explain them carefully and following your guidelines.

I always thought I could use this channel (bug and feature submit) to submit everything I see to make your product even better. To be clear, now it's absolutely fantastic!!! That's the reason I've chosen it to use in the whole company after carefully comparing to other big and known players (Bugzilla, redmine, openproject, gitlab, etc...). I usually don't participate with external projects but as I said before, we are adopting it deeply and I thought I could collaborate a bit to make it better if possible. I suppose a lot of people will have most of the problems I have.

I have to say that I didn't except in the beginning your fast response times!. Thanks for that. Sadly, I'm not so happy with the results...

Anyway, thanks for your time and don't worry, I will not bother you again.