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User can change userpic when account.editable is false (bad config description or restrictions mistake)
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When edit option account.editable there is description below:

Is basic account information (email, real name, profile picture) editable? If you set up Phabricator to automatically synchronize account information from some other authoritative system, you can disable this to ensure information remains consistent across both systems.

So we can't change PROFILE PICTURE. But when I set that setting to true, I can still change profile picture. In fact, this setting fluent only on REAL NAME field.

Version info: 

phabricator f64edb993f6807fff1fdd854304c919e71ee4451 (Sun, Feb 5)
arcanist ade25facfdf22aed1c1e20fed3e58e60c0be3c2b (Jan 6 2017)
phutil 9d85dfab0f532d50c2343719e92d574a4827341b (Fri, Jan 13)

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I think I'm just going to remove the "profile picture" text from the description to resolve this. The account.editable option is very old and I'd eventually like to remove it, but making the description more clear is an easier fix for now.