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Bulk Deleting Audits does not remove "Audit Required" from Commit
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Version Information

phabricator 2604c5af55f654d36f8db2f080b96486c4572216 (Sat, Jan 28) (branched from 1be3ef02276812296c01e41122f19d6ea8077f81 on origin)
arcanist 9503b941cc02be637d967bb50cfb25f852e071e4 (Sat, Jan 7) (branched from ade25facfdf22aed1c1e20fed3e58e60c0be3c2b on origin)
phutil 10963f771f118baa338aacd3172aaede695cde62 (Sat, Jan 14) (branched from 9d85dfab0f532d50c2343719e92d574a4827341b on origin)

Reproduction Steps

  1. Commit to a repository (tested with SVN and Git) and specify an Auditor using Auditor: <username> in the commit (I've tested it on commits that triggered audit this way as well as with Herald).
  2. Find the audit ID via bin/audit delete --dry-run.
  3. Delete the audit ID using bin/audit delete --ids <id>.

Expectect Result

"Audit Required" is completely removed from the commit, and the audit no longer appears when viewing the Audit application.

Actual Result

In the Audit application, Audits still exist under the Waiting on Auditors list with Auditors: None displayed under each audit that I had deleted. Viewing the actual commit in Diffusion, it still says "Audit Required", but there are no auditors listed.

Is this the intended behavior? I can reproduce this every time on our server, which is a typical install.

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Realized this is probably solved by rPaca0f642a3bdaa602bde05abfe94f9d90cf7b06e. Will switch to master.

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Yeah, run bin/audit synchronize --all (or rXYZ for just one repository) after doing manual cleanup with bin/audit delete. This is noted in the documentation at HEAD as of ~yesterday, although it may not have regenerated in production yet.

If you run into issues beyond that, feel free to file a new report.

(I might make bin/audit delete spit out advice about this, too, or even auto-synchronize, but I think most of this stuff is rarely used.)