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Adding multiple Tags on a Diffusion Repository leads to a 404
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  • Create a Diffusion repository
  • Edit the repository and add more than one project tag (5 in my case)
  • Upon saving, the "Do not dwell in the past" 404 message appears *but* the tags and all other edits are correctly saved

phabricator 23c54262caf84abdad82974212170ff24d138f4d (Sun, Jan 22) (branched from ddf82a815b9a07e901870c2f4d5b7582af7b4d82 on origin)
arcanist 9503b941cc02be637d967bb50cfb25f852e071e4 (Sat, Jan 7) (branched from ade25facfdf22aed1c1e20fed3e58e60c0be3c2b on origin)
phutil 10963f771f118baa338aacd3172aaede695cde62 (Fri, Jan 13) (branched from 9d85dfab0f532d50c2343719e92d574a4827341b on origin)

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eFrane updated the task description. (Show Details)

Weirdly, another server restart fixed this for me.

epriestley added a subscriber: epriestley.

I can't reproduce this. It's possible that you actually experienced T11165 and misremembered exactly what you'd done, or performed one edit in a tab with the other tab open.