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Ability to "globally mark" objects
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I don't want to say this is "global flags" like user's have flags but it's a similar concept. The problem I face, as an admin of a small deployment, is that I need to be able to alert the user base to a variety of things (various object types in phabricator) within our deployment (out-of-date content like wiki pages, tasks that will impact uptime of the deployment, configuration changes like SSH port configuration). Currently we are using conpherence chats + a query on the home page with a custom date field but both of those are sort of clunky in their own ways and hard to manage because that is not what they are for... A way to toggle something on/off as "highlighted" for our community for some period of time (manually by me/an admin) would be ideal - hence saying "global flags".

If anyone who sees this has any "workarounds" or alternative solutions that would also work, I'm game to try things

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T10855 talks about being able to update dashboard panels with content (which you install). T8145 covers broadcasting alerts, T8629 covers getting users alerted to individual things, M1473 covers upcoming changes to home/dashboards which will allow admins to globally install items onto home.

Cool, thanks!