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Allow requiring signing of the latest legalpad version
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Actual situation

  • You can create a legalpad, users can sign it.
  • If you update the legalpad, users don't have to sign the latest version, and they can't do it, even if they want.

The problem

  • You can update a legalpad, and you will need to keep in mind, that existing signatures do not change, which is a problem, if you make important changes
  • Alternativly, you can create a new legalpad each time, which is a problem too, since too many legalpads make it hard to find the right one.

My proposal is, to allow users to sign the new version again, even if they already signed. Additionally, as a document admin you should be able to require users to sign the latest version. This will also reduce the maintenance load, because you don't have to update herald rules each time, if you require a legalpad for something.

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Event Timeline

Yeah, I'm just going to merge this into T5505 since I think it's a subset of the first feature discussed there. This will probably be the major feature in the next iteration of Legalpad, since I think it's the most obvious thing we're missing:

Versioning/Updates: Particularly, requiring users to re-sign after a major update. We have some support for this in the DB, but I scaled back a bit of the logic to make it easier to get a cohesive v1 out. When we do build this, I'd like to give editors more control over minor (typo fix, translation error, updated link) vs major (requires resignature) changes. It's not clear anyone needs this yet.