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Tokens should be more usable
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Dec 12 2016, 11:35 PM
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Dec 12 2016, 11:35 PM
"Piece of Eight" token, awarded by lewellyn.


Tokens, as displayed today, are too small to be useful to a wide audience. Additionally, there's no way to gather what context they are supposed to add without going into the Award Token screen.

Not everyone can be expected to identify the tokens at a small size. There should be some sort of tooltip for them, whether it's a browser-standard mouseover or a custom hovercard with additional information (such as Steam provides in their chat client):

Snip20161212_1.png (128×260 px, 40 KB)

This could be considered an accessibility issue as there is no way to make tokens accessible right now. However, it's more of an "I wonder what that represents" sort of thing.

And, yes, I'm aware that there's a simple mouseover on the large ones, which just makes me want the mouseover on small ones more. :) However, the general lack of usability (they're too small and even if they're not, what do they represent?) has kept them from being used on my install. I wouldn't mind seeing that change.

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As I noted in T11217, this isn't exactly a duplicate. Tokens today are created with a class (tokens-coin-2 above) in their <span>. I don't see why title="Piece of Eight" couldn't also be added to that tag.

In general, please follow Contributing Feature Requests when filing feature requests. We have no plans to expand on tokens beyond T11217. They are a lighthearted and frivolous application. I'd recommend un-installing it if it is causing user confusion (you wouldn't be the first install to do so).