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[FEATURE] - Add scroll option in 'Tags' field
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We've too many projects which name starting with "Product" for example: "Product one", "Product two", "Product three", and also we've one project "Product". So, when creating new task I'm not able to add project "Product" in Tags field, because when I enter Product there is shown other projects "Product one", "Product two" etc, but project 'Product' is not shown on the list.
Could you please add scroll option or something else? Thank you in advance.


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epriestley added a subscriber: epriestley.

If this reproduces at HEAD, it's a bug. Please file a new bug report with complete reproduction steps and version information.

If you aren't at HEAD, the expectation is that this has been fixed by T8510.

Additionally, the icon next to each tokenizer already allows you to list results.