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Search shouldn't use word boundaries
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  1. Search for "mock" by author "niedzielski":
  2. Now search for "mocked" by author "niedzielski":

The first query should include all the results of the second but omits a task titled with the word "mocked" instead of "mock".

This bug probably exists already but I couldn't find it with the current search :]

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Please contact your administrator if you want to file a bug against Phabricator. I believe there is an area where you can file bugs for us to look into in the downstream.

@chad, thanks but isn't this an upstream bug? The example I gave downstream were of convenience. Do you need me to find an example upstream?

Spin up a test instance on Phacility, build a reproduction case and update the ticket. We don't have any insights into how the server you mentioned is configured of administered. We can with Phacility instances if you can't install something locally.