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Harbormaster build step "Make HTTP request" don't trim URL field
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Reproduction steps:

  • Create a new harbormaster plan from Phabricator
  • Add a new "Make HTTP request" step, with an URL preceded by spaces (eg:
  • Execute the plan

Expected result:

  • Spaces in the URL step field are trimmed at step creation.
  • The build get an HTTP response and success.

Actual result:

  • The build fails without explaination. The build log contains only one line: "HTTP 1"

Adding a "trim" on URL field will fix the bug, but I thinks the lack of message is also a problem on its own.

Tested on a recent version of phabricator:

Event Timeline

I'm going to merge this into T10510, which discusses improving Harbormaster error behavior.

The actual behavior (respecting the URL you entered) is not a bug, but the error messaging can be improved.