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Show diff statistics (lines changed)
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It'd be nice to show simple summary stats at the top of a diff in order to get a quick glance at how large a diff is:

  • number of files added/removed/changed
  • number of lines added/removed/changed

Something like what Github does:

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This feature request doesn't describe a root problem. See Describing Root Problems and Contributing Feature Requests for help filing a feature request which we'll consider.

In particular, "other software has a feature" isn't a good motivation on its own, per Describing Root Problems, which lists this as a counterexample for filing requests:

I've used some other software that has a cool feature. Phabricator should have that feature too.

The remaining description is too vague and doesn't allow us to understand or generalize about the problem.

Feel free to file a new request with more information. If you do, you may want to read the discussion in D16322 first.

lyahdav added a subscriber: lyahdav.Mar 9 2017, 3:37 AM

For anyone who doesn't want to wait for this to be implemented, here's a Tampermonkey script to do it: