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Participant list stuck on top of chat history on mobile device
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On a portrait mobile, the box show the list of participants is displayed over the chat log, and I cant dismiss the participant list box.
Conpherence has become unusable on this device.

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And "request desktop site" does not work.

It also occurs in landscape for my mobile. LG D335

It doesnt occur on my larger tab in landscape, but is present in portrait to a lesser degree.

chad added a subscriber: chad.

and I cant dismiss the participant list box.

I can't reproduce this. It is expected to overlay if it is open, and it goes away when you close it with the blue "group" icon just over it.

Please see Contributing Bug Reports for what information is required in a bug report. Specifically version information and complete steps to required in every report. If you can provide that information, and we can confirm a bug, we'd be happy to re-open the ticket.

If you have an exact Android version/browser I should test, let me know. We can also just make this smarter if you left it open on desktop (it should be off by default).

The blue group icon does hide the box. It didnt occur to me to try that, as it is not inside the box frame. I did look at the + beside participants, but guessed correctly that was only add.

I may have left it open on desktop. It does keep that setting across devices which is obviously wrong, and is obviously what this bug is about, and is easily reproducible on any device.

My Samsung Tab GT N8000 is 4.4.2 using Chrome.

The LG D335 is running Android 5.0.2 and using Chome. On that device, the group icon is partially hidden/overlayed by the patticipant list which only has three people and most of the participant list box is empty. The conpherence title is quite long, wrapping onto three lines in portrait mode with a few other minor layout bugs as a result.

chad edited projects, added Feature Request; removed Bug Report.

Ah thanks, I was concerned there was an actual bug - not just a questionable design decision. This isn't easy to fix, and may lead to a completely different design to resolve - we'll keep this open to see how many people run into it.

chad triaged this task as Low priority.