Enable some notification granularity
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Conpherence has two blunt settings for email. Send it all or none. We should add some granularity and select sensible defaults. In the general case, we don't want to auto-send email, but cases like mentions, topic changes, getting added or removed to a Room, the user might want a email. The main reasoning here is Conpherence itself has no push notification ability, so email for now acts as a proxy.

Send me emails:

  • When a new message appears
  • When I'm mentioned
  • When I'm added or removed
  • When the topic changes
  • When @cspeckmim finds a bug.


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chad created this task.Sep 15 2016, 5:55 PM
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Slack let's you ping the entire channel with protected usernames @everyone and @here, the latter which alerts everyone as if they were mentioned.

Should Herald be setup to supply this configurability, per channel?

chad added a comment.Sep 15 2016, 6:03 PM

We have this as a global setting per user, and a local setting per user per room. I don't know where it should live longterm. @epriestley ?

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chad added a comment.Oct 19 2016, 8:59 PM

yeah this is tricky since Conpherence has it's own separate notification channel. I was hoping to just pop these in with standard Mailtags, which sort of works, but is also sort of confusing.

I'm just going to merge this into T10448 since I think it's functionally identical.