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Phabricator should properly display non-English characters such as Chinese in diffusion commit page
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phabricator 9a52492f1b2c0449410d8935d35fb71ed562e9a3 (Fri, Aug 26)
arcanist 9e82ef979e8148c43b9b8439025d505b1219e213 (Thu, Aug 25)
phutil 5fd1af8b4f2b9631e2ceb06bd88d21f2416123c2 (Thu, Aug 25)


Phabricator uses UTF-8 and supports many languages. However, there are cases where it does not properly display filenames like below.

But the same file is displayed correctly here in screenshot below.

Reproduction Steps:

1 create a test git repo in diffusion
2 clone test repository from diffusion to local computer at /home/user/test
3 create a "读我.md" file in /home/user/test
4 add 读我.md, commit and push to remote test repo
5 browse the "test" repo in diffusion and navigate to specific commit webpage, such as

Expected Result:

The filename is displayed as "读我文件.md"

Actual Result:

The filename is displayed as "\350\257\273\346\210\221\346\226\207\344\273\" as you can see in picture below