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File xsprintf.php should set locale explicitly to support non-latin filenames in repository
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Authored by huangsj on Jan 2 2017, 1:55 AM.
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When I fixed T11626: Phabricator should properly display non-English characters such as Chinese in diffusion commit page, I discovered that although filenames are displayed correctly as described in T11626, I still could not view its content.

I created a file "读我文件.md" with its content "读我的内容" in repository "R1:测试代码库1".
when I browsed a specific commit, say "b863740eab66", I could not view file content, Phabricator kept saying "Loading".

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If I apply this patch, the file content will display.

pasted_file (714×1 px, 61 KB)

Test Plan

1 Create a repository 测试代码库1 and add 1 file "读我文件.md" with its content "读我的内容" to this repository.
2 Browse this repository and navigate to a specific commit when "读我文件.md" is added.

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3 Click "读我文件.md" and the following should display.

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Please file a task describing exactly what the issue is. Executing a global setlocale() as a side effect is certainly not the best solution.

You're right.
Explicitly setlocale globally is not the best.

I think what I should do is to set environment variable LANG to something like zh-CN.UTF-8 in my Linux machine to support Chinese filenames.