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Remarkup - Support rendering of iterative expressions
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Okay, I know this may be far-fetched, but hey, I though about writing it down.

Root problem:

  • We use Maniphest and Projects and use iterations (milestone types of subprojects) to chop the work in pieces which provides focus & transparency to and from the team
  • We use basic tags (Projects) to tag if something is a feature, bug, support escalation, refactoring, etc to easier filter the tasks in a given iteration
  • An iteration lasts for 2 weeks and a small team (3-5) team can chop up to 70-80 tasks in that iteration
  • Managers, QA department, other teams and stakeholders want reporting in some, let's say changelog format and because iteration workboards are cumbersome for them to look at, especially because there are many teams and in the end of the iteration where all tasks are hopefully in "done" column. (so we have said 70-80 tasks stack in one column)
  • It has been decided that team leaders, members need to write this changelog in a Phriction document and report the work in basic categories; new features, bugs fixed, etc (it's good that we have tags, right?) with comments on specifics stuff so that the stakeholders don't have to go through all the tasks to understand and see the most important changes
  • So basically, team leader (with help of others) has to query the iteration Maniphest tags, link to tasks (Txxx syntax) and write the document which takes cca 30 minutes per team to produce in those two weeks

Proposed solution (which would reduce the work in writing that report)

The idea for this feature request is to basically automate the rendering in Remarkup of Maniphest query results in a given format so for example let's say for section of fixed bugs:

{embed query-results, query=/maniphest/query/f9yK6ItgYVzs/#R, format = table, columns = priority | id | atuhor | assignee}

which would render

Unbreak Now!T11257@Danny_B@epriestley

(P.S. I escaped the links and the mentions just so I don't record transactions in that task and not to spam and subscribe Danny_B and epriestley to this task)

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You can embed Dashboard Panels already today into other documents. These are based on any query you build in any supporting application. Beyond that you will need to wait for Facts for something more data-like.

Example Panel Embed of {W3}

I think if you really want the table layout you can extend and build your own Dashboard Panel Redererer, then wire up to any query and embed away.

Good to know. :) I think that embedding panels is enough. It did not occur to me that I can do that, much cool. :)