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unable to submit a diff with "tests:" in git commit title
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I have created a commit with this git title:

tests: remove a workaround for an old mock

After running arc diff <branch>, it moved the title to Test Plan section, and asked me to provide a new title. I moved it back and tried to submit it. Arcanist complained about unresolved errors, and this is what I see when the editor opens:

tests: remove a workaround for an old mock

Summary: SSIA

Test Plan:
The workaround is no longer needed with mock 2.0.0.

Reviewers: lbrabec


# Resolve these errors:
#   - Field "testPlan" occurs twice in commit message!
#   - Invalid or missing field "Title": You must provide a revision title in the first line of your commit message.

It seems that even though there already is a Test Plan section, it still considers the title starting with tests to be yet another Test Plan section (that's why it thinks it's present there twice) and thus it thinks it's missing a title.

This problem can be worked around by prefixing the first line with Title:.

I think there could be these improvements:

  • Don't automatically move git commit title (i.e. the first line in the commit message) to other fields (like Test Plan). The first line is obviously a title, nothing else.
  • If there's already a Test Plan section in the commit message, don't try to auto-guess and create a second one.

I'm using arcanist-20160407.gitf89f3de-1.fc24.noarch. It is a few months old, I'm using a packaged version from Fedora Copr. If this bug is already resolved, my apologies.