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Banner/MOTD/way to display a persistent message on all pages?
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Usecase: We often have important information that we need to communicate to the entire organization, or that we want to be highly visible or top of mind for all employees. For example, Flippitybuzz is down for emergency maintenance. It will be back at 8:00AM or Countdown to launch of Flerptyderp: T Minus...

It would be nice if there was someway to display a persistent banner for these things. The closest thing we have now is a text box on our default dashboard, but we've had our leadership ask if there is a way to make something persistent across all pages.

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T8145 is also related, and maybe a little closer to intent here. I can retarget that.

Strong preference overall to using Dashboards / Notifications. Persistent banner on all pages generally reduces employee productivity just to announce an all-hands or ice cream social, doesn't seem like the right solution.

Yeah, agreed. I added a little discussion to T8145.

The only use case I've seen so far that I think is possibly reasonable to put in a global, on-every-page banner is "Phabricator is going down for maintenance in 3 minutes".

I could maybe imagine a message like "We're aware the site is down, click here for updates." at Facebook if was down, but even that I think I'd rather deliver as some sort of broadcast that just shows up in the notifications menu than as an actual global banner.