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Ability to edit blog name
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Aug 1 2016, 5:18 PM
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Right now, if you go to "Manage Blog" to try and edit an existing blog's name, you get the following eror:

No Edit Forms
You do not have access to any forms which are enabled and marked as edit forms.

We had someone in our company make a blog with the wrong name. It would be great if I (as an admin, at least) could edit this name.

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I can't reproduce this. Can you open a bug report with full reproduction steps?

Specifically, if you don't have permissions to edit a blog, you should get a permissions dialog like below. Sounds like someone has been messing with the custom forms.

pasted_file (244×671 px, 26 KB)

I am an admin w/full permissions, but even so I've tried just doing this on my own personal blog that I created myself and can't even do that.

Repro steps:
(1) Go to
(2) Pick a blog you created (in my case "Weekly Updates - David Murray":

1.png (515×1 px, 59 KB)

(3) Actions > Manage Blog:
2.png (615×1 px, 83 KB)

(4) Right menu actions > Edit Blog:
3.png (708×1 px, 77 KB)

(5) Observe: error message, no way to edit name
4.png (443×1 px, 41 KB)

If it's a configuration issue on our end, can you kindly advise where to go for us to fix that configuration?

Thank you!

Please see Contributing Bug Reports for how to file a proper bug report. See Support Resources for what resources are available for getting help configuring or using Phabricator.

Specifically if you feel this is a Phabricator issue, please provide steps we can follow on a clean/new install on Test instances there are free to spin up any time.