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Passphrases requires Editable By status for Read access
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Steps to reproduce

Pre-requisite: A project named Foobar with members.

  • Create a new Passphrase entry for a Password (Passphrase -> Create Credential -> Password)
  • Populate the entry with some data
    • Set Visible To to Custom Policy and set the following condition:
      • Allow, members of projects, Foobar
    • Set Editable By to Administrators


Members of the project Foobar cannot access the credentials (only the username).

Expected result

Members of the project will have read access to the password (i.e. read, but not edit) and administrators will have read-write access.


Event Timeline

This behavior is intentional; it allows users to use a credential to configure other applications without actually having access to the plaintext.

I'm going to merge this into T4721, which discusses making this (and some other behaviors) more clear.