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When mention is removed in comment edit mention record in target should be removed as well
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As per the title.


Common steps

  1. I accidentally mention Task X in Task Y
  2. I realize that I made a mistake and
    • correct the mention to the Task Z which is the one I meant, or
    • remove the mention at all as I was speaking about my favourite tank

What happens

  1. Task X still has record of the mention in Task Y

What I expect/desire

  1. Task X has the mention in Task Y record removed

Event Timeline

Base updated the task description. (Show Details)
epriestley claimed this task.
epriestley added a subscriber: epriestley.

This isn't a bug; you mentioned the other object and we accurately reflect that.

But then I unmention it and it's unreflected. This seems to be wrong. Perhaps another record like "Task Y does not mention this task anymore" could be added, but it looks better to just remove the initial record. Or, optionally, it would be sense-full to provide a person who did the mention a possibility to do it manually -- thus some judgement could be applied.

Audit-ability is a core feature of Phabricator. We're very limited in what we allow people to delete.

It is not too much different from removing comments. And this people are allowed to remove. (BTW I wonder what happens if one removes a comment with a mention)

Comment deleting is to help with accidental information leaks or outright spam. It is not our expectation that users will delete information from Phabricator and warn against it.