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Browser/OS plugin to be able to use "Passphrase" as the main password manager
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It would be great, if there would be something like this, so I could use our local Phabricator installation also as the main password manager, for credentials of all kind, like on all those password managers like 1Password, Enpass and so on.

Right now it is used very rarely, because its very cumbersome to go into the PassPhrase module, search for the credential, confirm, copy into the clipboard, paste into the box and so on.

Or is there some other, already existing possibility for this, which I could connect with PassPhrase via Conduit?

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epriestley triaged this task as Wishlist priority.May 25 2016, 2:00 PM
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This is conceptually reasonable, but likely years away. We ship no native code right now. Although there are many Phabricator applications which could take advantage of an optional OS client (for example, to make it easier to upload screenshots or access files) the pathway from where we are now to building one is a very long one, and none of these use cases are near the top of our priority list.

You can talk to Passphrase over Conduit; you need to give credentials access by clicking the "Allow Conduit Access" action.

This doesn't require the upstream to actually build - anyone could put together a Chrome extension that accepts an API token and queries Passphrase credentials. The only possible upstream thing that could assist would be having metadata associated with credentials, so when you create the credential you can say, e.g. what domain it's used on to authenticate.

We actually also extensively use Passphrase internally to control and redact access to credentials when employees change teams. Obviously someone could manually copy the credentials out using Conduit to keep them around after you redact access, but there's no real way to prevent this if you're having to automatically fill forms in the client's browser.