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Search autocomplete should include custom fields
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Hi, a hopefully small feature request, please and thanks!

The "Name" and "Real name" are currently the only ways to search for someone.
At Wikimedia's installation, we've got custom fields for 3 alternate names: "IRC Nick", "LDAP User", and "Mediawiki User".
It would be awesome if we could search for (and autocomplete from) these alternate names.

E.g. is currently going by the username "demon" and the real-name "Chad Horohoe". He lists his IRC name as "ostriches" and his mediawiki-username as "^demon" but neither of those names successfully autocomplete if I type them into the Subscribers field or site search.
E.g.2. ditto for and her IRC name "rdaiccherlb".
E.g.3. ditto for and his IRC/LDAP name "foks"

(downstream task at

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Is fulltext set on the field?

fulltext: Index the text in this field as part of the object's global full-text index. This allows users to find the object by searching for the field's contents using global search.

I think this should just be lumped under "username aliasing" in T4267#47083.