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Pholio Mockup edit dialog shows transparent image background white, while in mockups it is transparency checkerboard
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If you upload an image with transparency (for example PNG) in Pholio, it shows the transparent areas white in the preview area of edit view, but in the saved dialog it's shown on transparent checkerboard.
That's confusing and had me re-edit/-upload several mockups twice in recent weeks. Expected behaviour would be to see checkerboard already in the preview.

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chad added a subscriber: chad.May 20 2016, 8:33 PM

I'm more inclined to remove the checkerboard outright from view. The main concern here is if it's confusing on the edit page, then it's also confusing on the thumb and embed views. The only place we use checkerboard is on the full view page itself.

chad closed this task as Resolved.May 20 2016, 8:42 PM
chad claimed this task.

@chad Do I understand you correctly, there would be just outright white background for transparent areas with your patch?
The checker background gives clarity as we have to make sure that many of our interface elements shown in Pholio mocks are working on dark and white backgrounds.

chad added a comment.May 20 2016, 9:18 PM

I went with checkered for now.

Great, thanks! (And with clarity I meant instant visual clarity for people who haven't been involved in designing them)