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Maniphest templates in project workboards?
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The team I am working in uses project workboards for the generation and assignment of tasks. Since the kind of tasks is often quite distinct, we are using templates for maniphest tasks.

We would like to use maniphest templates integrated in workboards.
(why 1x) We are using project workboards for the generation of tasks.
(why 2x) In order to keep overview of the current tasks, therefore templates in workboards would be helpful.
(why 3x) We could also use the templates from the workboards (by using the plus in the upper right corner), but this comes with two disadvantages: Creating tasks from within the workboard creates tasks as overlay without leaving the current workboard view and additionally, the tasks are arranged in the appropriate column in the workboard.
(why 4x) With maniphest templates we could also integrate policy issues beforehand, because developers often forget to set their task policies correctly (project is set accordingly within the workboard, but they often tend to forget to set the appropriate space).
(why 5x) By using maniphest templates from within workboards, we would not have to leave the workboard and could save time and have a clear overview about all current and past tasks at the same time.

I hope this is enough information to describe my root problem.