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Recovering a lost room in Conpherence
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Steps to reproduce :

  1. Create new room, with a single participant
  2. Speak inside this room
  3. Remove yourself from the room
  4. Accept the warning message

As a result, you are locked outside of this dead room. I understand that this may be the desired flow. However, is there a possible admin work-around to recover the messages inside the room? As an admin (or a system admin), can I force adding myself back into the room?


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you can likely manually modify the conference_participant table in ${NAMESPACE}_conpherence. The structure is straightforward.
This is likely not a good idea to do on a regular basis.

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If you know the ID/monogram of the room (should be in the subject of any email you received, looks like Z123), I think you can also bin/policy unlock Zxxx it, which should make it public. Then you should be able to rejoin it.

Overall, this behavior is expected and the prompt is explicit about the consequences, so I don't think this is a bug:

never.png (199×616 px, 15 KB)

That "Okay" button should really say "Abandon Room Forever" or similar for consistency, but there are some not-so-great technical reasons it doesn't. I'd expect this to get cleaned up in the next iteration of Conpherence (T10364).

There's also nothing else we could really do here except not let you leave rooms like this.

We could possibly write some bin/conpherence rejoin sort of script, but I'd like to have a better understanding of why users are confirming this operation despite the prompt explicitly warning them of the consequences first -- maybe we can do a better job of addressing some precursor situation.