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Recommend pip instead of easy_install for Python linters
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I tried to find any discussion about this in Maniphest, but I didn't see any, so please accept my apologies if this has already been discussed. Also, this is somewhat in between a feature request and a bug, so please pardon me if this is the wrong place to submit this.

The PyFlakes and PyLint linters have installation instructions that recommend using pip install, but the PEP8 and Flake8 linters recommend using easy_install. My understanding is that pip is vastly preferred to easy_install (and touts itself as an improvement). It's also somewhat strange to see different instructions depending on which specific tool you happen to be using.

Would it be possible to change the Flake8 and PEP8 linters to recommend installation using pip? Is there some concern about the availability of pip? I am happy to contribute a patch for this issue.

Thanks for your consideration!

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